MAKK Productions is an Indian entertainment company, based in Hyderabad. MAKK is a team of young minds interweaved with a same frame of mind pertaining to Art and its value. MAKK productions will be involved in the production and distribution of films made in India.


To be a nucleus for education, production, exhibition and distribution centre; devoted to promoting the art of moving image and to support and produce quality films at global standards in the entertainment Industry.


To be a world class film terminal in India that supports filmmakers, engages the community and expands the admiration of self-regulating cinema.


  • Gc Mahesh – is a Writer & Director, P.G Diploma in Film Direction (Telugu University) Worked with many Indian Film and television Industries for the past 15 years. He made adverts and documents along with short films. He is an associate writer for Telugu Cine Writers Association and registered writer in Films writers Association, Mumbai.
  • B Rajesh Goud – is an experienced Industrialist who has respect and Interest in arts. Cinema is a perfect Industry to showcase all arts in one frame. His expertise is fine combination for a mix of art and commercial cinema production.